SEB Christmas celebration at Subiaco Arts Centre
A great spread, but whose dog!?

We hosted our last Toastmasters meeting for 2019 in the shaded parklands of the Subiaco Arts Centre Park.

Along with a split round of Christmas themed table topics, everyone spoke on the value that belonging to the club brought to them in 2019, set amongst a delicious light breakfast and oodles of sunshine and smiles.

We had some old friends attend, such as our former president Damian, along with former members James and Liz.

We also had the opportunity to present the Annual Pidgeys – a ‘serious’ commemoration and celebration of our current members. Here are the category winners:

Ann RogersBeing the evaluation maven with the funkiest hair
Ben MarshBeing Mr Consistency
Caleb TanBeing a bit too obsessed with winning the D17 Evaluation Contest
Eleanor G TigheBlinding us with her pearly whites each meeting.
Ezekiel SimBeing the Early Birds Children’s Seat Specialist
Helen ClapinBeing the Queen of the Nullarbor
James LockeBeing the one mostly likely to get the club out of legal trouble
James DrewNot swiping left in joining our club
Kari S JenningsBeing the club’s wedding MC specialist
Luke GeorgeBeing most likely to become our principal should our club secede from Toastmasters and become a school.
Nadia MertensPioneering the ‘Bring your children to Toastmasters’ campaign
Naomi PoleBeing Ms. Persistent – turning up when anyone else would stay home
Nathan WootenShowing that he’s more than just a numbers guy
Nicholas BuckleySaying YES to carrying an infinite amount of pool balls at a moments notice
Penny SpeirsEncouraging us that Europe should be always be our next travel destination
Peter McRaeBeing the dappest looking gentleman at our club
Vanessa WhiteBeing most likely to plant explosives should we need to blow up our venue
Mereesha GadiagellanGetting an award for turning up once

We look forward to getting new members, public speaking improvement, fun and frivolity in 2020! Happy Christmas and have a safe, and brilliant new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us at Early Birds