As part of the Evaluation workshop delivered on Thursday 28 May 2020, here are some resources that may help you deliver effective evaluations at Toastmaster meetings.

What should I commend and recommend?

Below is a ‘laundry list’ of attributes to look out for during your evaluations. It’s always handy to communicate the reasons as to why these are important firstly for the speaker, and secondly, for the budding public speaking enthusiasts in your audience.

  • Objectives – were these met? If so, how?
  • Stance – was the stance relaxed and balanced?
  • Eye Contact – did the speaker look at the members directly?
  • Hands – were the hands open and relaxed? Or clasped together, clenched or behind their back?
  • Gestures – was the face and body used for emphasis and clarification?
  • Diction – were the words pronounced and clear?
  • Vocal variety – was the tone melodious and appropriately varied?
  • Speaking speed – was there variety, including pauses for emphasis?
  • Volume– was there variety with louder and softer volume contrasting the normal?
  • Intro & Conclusion – was the opening attention grabbing and the conclusion effective?
  • Speech structure – was there a clear beginning, middle and end?

(This list derived from Mark & Robyn Richards for Toastmasters Leaders Institute 2016)

Delivering evaluations at Toastmasters meetings