About Subiaco Early Birds

Subiaco Early Birds has been around almost 15 years.

We are a fun, friendly and supportive environment designed for you to come and learn how to speak in public.

We are full of many committed club members and “soon-to-be-familiar” faces who are ready and willing to put in work to help you get better.

Since being conceived in 1991 inside Princess Margaret Hospital, the club has seen numerous speakers, members, presidents and committee members pass through its ranks.

Early Birds has won many accolades and awards, for club management as well as speaking contest participation…


Grow your own speaking abilities while getting the opportunity to listen in on shared stories from all different walks of life.

One of the biggest talking points from people who have just joined us as Early Birds members is how our club has a unique “flavour” – a sense of character or personality that many other clubs lack.

We’re all individuals with our own idiosyncratic, personal experiences which we are able to share with one another while speaking on stage.

Enjoy our distinct, sharp sense of humour.

To tell you the truth, some days it’s just hard getting yourself out of bed at 6am to get to an Early Birds meeting.

But those who do… are always glad they came along because of the “switched-on” style of humour we arouse from our club members – even on the chilliest of Winter mornings – which never fails to liven everyone up for the rest of the day.

No pre-requisite skill level or speaking experience is required to join!

Our members represent a range of different skill levels, backgrounds and experiences – a varied mix of experienced speakers along with newer members just starting out.

For some, it is their very first time speaking in front of an audience!

Our club members come from a wide range of occupations, professions and vocations.

Our small club covers a diverse mix of ages, careers and interests.

Psychologists, weightlifters, marketers, uni students, and HR reps are just some of the broad cross-section of members’ experiences we enjoy hearing about in their speeches!

Our distinctive time and location are perfect for people who live in or work near Subiaco

Our members regularly report feeling energised, alive, and ready to tackle the day as they leave for work.

Our morning timeslot and local venue are perfect for “early risers” (and night owls) who love a quick-fire “pick-me-up” jolt of energy before work, every second Thursday.

We recommend arriving 6.45AM for a 7AM meeting start.

Arriving early means you can find parking, grab a drink or snack, and avoid the stress of rushing to and from the meeting.

Meeting Dates (including when our next meeting is) can be found on our homepage – www.subiacoearlybirds.com

Please note: You do not have to contact us before arriving – please feel free to just show up on the day.

Also: You do not need to bring anything with you, either.

If you’re still not sure of something, or would like to chat to us about your speaking goals, please…



We’re more than happy to talk with you over email and one of our committee members will happily fill you in on any details you may be unsure of.